Asp.Net Concurrent Requests and exclusive lock

Just a problem faced by our team in using MVC architecture. They were suppose to open popup window to send email from a webpage. It was working fine, however I wanted to do not wait till popup complete sending email function and user can work on another tasks in main parent window. However it was not working and I have to wait till child finishes sending email.

So I was trying to execute concurrent requiests, however session was not permitting to do it. If two different users make concurrent requests to access separate session is achievaable. But if I am trying two concurrent requests for the same session by using same sessionid, it was waiting till first request is finished and vice-versa. So it was adding exclusive lock on the information is freed becaus the first request exceeds the lock time-out.

However I wanted to provide such a functionality in my website, I searched and found a solution. To resolve this issue we need to set EnableSessionState value in the @Page directive to Read-only, means a request for the read-only session information does not result in an exclusive lock on Session data. But read-only requests for session data may still have to wait for a lock set by a read-write request for session to clear.

This was one good setting we have learned in Hope it will be helpful to others too.